What is a car wrap? Is it paint?

A car wrap is a hi-tech vinyl covering that is adhered directly to your car. The application is so precise, it is often mistaken for a custom paint job. If it rolls, flies or floats, we can wrap it! Our 3m certified wrap vinyls are warrantied for 5 years. There are other fine materials available from Avery and Oracal that carry warranties that vary from 1 to 5 years depending on your needs.

Anything But Ordinary


Meet the new standard in wrap films. 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 is a distinctive way to make you-and your car-stand out in the crowd.



Our wraps and graphics can be removed at any time. The optimal removal period is within 4-5 years after application. Protection 3M wrap films are completely removable & actually help protect the vehicle's factory paint from exposure to scratches, scuffs, stone chipping & sun fading. By encapsulating & preserving your vehicle's finish, wraps actually increase the resale value over time.

Customized Graphics


Commercial signs, Racing stripes, your favorite teams logo.. With our latest technology precision cutting system we can cut any custom graphic of your desire.

Interior and Exterior


Either you want a color change or just want the carbon fiber interior trim, we can make miracles reality! With the state-of-the-art 3M 1080 wrapping film possibilities are endless. You can both protect and look stylish at the same time.

How much does a wrap cost?


As with almost all custom work, it is hard to say exactly how much your project will cost. It will depend on the size of your vehicle, the vinyl material you choose, the complexity of the job, and more. Get your FREE Quote today by calling your wrap professional. (317) 624-2330