Automotive, Marine & Atv/Utv Detailing

Exterior Detailing

This service is the essence of necessary maintenance. This service includes the following 20-stage pH neutral hand wash and protectant that will last 3+ months with proper maintenance:

Cleaning of the wheels

Scrub cleaning of the tires

Cleaning of wheel wells


Paint decontamination with deionizer


Pre-Treatment of bug marks, bird droppings and tar

Paint foaming with pH neutral vehicle shampoo

Focused Cleaning on emblems and vents with a soft boar's hair brush

Hand washing of each panel from top to bottom with separated wash and rinse buckets and premium sheepskin wash mitt

Hand washing of all door jambs with separate professional grade plush synthetic wool pad

Final rinse down completed with proper sheeting of extra water

Paint liberally sprayed down with detail spray to pre-lubricate the drying process and neutralize water to prevent water spots

Panels dried with plush waffle weave drying towel

Forced air drying of all crevices

Tires dressed with polymer coating that does not sling and protects fading and provides UV protection

Vinyl and trim dressed with polymer coating that protects fading and provides UV protection

All glass properly cleaned and prepared for ultimate viewing transparency

All panels protected with one coat of a carnauba wax to provide a nice gloss with 3+ month protection from the elements

Final wipe down of entire exterior for beautification

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Additional Options Starting at $39:

Clay Bar

Scratch Removal

Touch up Paint

Cutting & Buffing

Brake Dust Removal



Interior Detailing

This service is yet another that should be in your preventative maintenance arsenal. It is a service tailored to those who do not need much but need the necessities out of a service. This service will clean the interior to the standards you know and love and add a layer of protection against the elements and UV rays on any vinyl and leather. This protectant is rated to last about 2 months. This service includes the following:

Interior floors are vacuumed

Interior floor mats are vacuumed

Trunk is vacuumed

All weather mats are rinsed and cleaned

Interior glass is cleaned with an ammonia-free (window tint safe) cleaner

Entire console and dashboard is wiped down for complete dust and contaminant removal

All leather and vinyl is wiped down with a vinyl and leather cleaner

Dashboard, console, and center armrest are treated with a protectant to provide UV and body oil protection

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Additional Options Include Starting at $39:

Carpet Shampoo

Stain Extraction

Leather Conditioner

Pet Hair Removal & More

Odor & Mold

This service is provided for those vehicles that have an odor that you need eradicated. Something that is lingering and just is too persistent to go away. This process will help eradicate the smell and ensure it is gone to the best of Custom Works abilities.

Please note that the cost of The Exceptional or The Definitive service is added on to the rate of this service.


Car will be bombed accordingly depending on level of smell.

If smell is extensive, seats will be extracted and extensively cleaned. The vehicle will be bombed without seats inside and then again once the seats reinserted.

TOTAL TIME: 10 hours
PRICE: $119.99


Seats will be extracted regardless. All easy to remove pieces of the vehicle will be removed and extensively cleaned.

Car will experience a multi-stage de-moisturize process that will require one full night.

Your cabin air filter will be replaced by Custom Works.

TOTAL TIME: Overnight. Vehicle will be needed by 5pm and will not be ready until noon the next day.
PRICE: Starting at $299.99 depending on contamination levels of mold.

* This service offers no absolute guarantee that the mold will be eradicated. Custom Works will perform the service to the absolute best of their ability and with well-known processes and procedures that work 95% of the time. In those other cases, it is impossible to remove mold without a complete interior rebuild (replacement of carpeting, seats, etc.)